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The Police Science Institute was founded in 1991 as the Valley’s first independent school for security and law enforcement. The founders’ premise was that the law enforcement needs of society required a training program that blended professionalism and science in new and creative ways.

From its inception, Police Science Institute has combined a solid foundation in theoretical and research coursework with an emphasis on developing professional skills. Students at Police Science Institute build these skills through field experiences, which are an integral part of the curriculum. You learn it – then you do it. We are dedicated to providing students with the safety that can only be attained through training. Our faculty includes master instructors who are affiliated with law enforcement agencies and are certified by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Justice, P.O.S.T. and the National Rifle Association. The Institute offers a set of courses which meet state licensing requirements and all successful graduates receive licensing in their respective profession. Police Science Institute strives to place every one of its students in full-time, permanent positions within their given industry.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Police Science Institute is to provide the highest quality of education, training, research and service in security, investigation and law enforcement related fields. In all of its activities, PSI is committed to exhibiting the highest professional and ethical standards, addressing the needs of both individuals and organizations.

The Police Science Institute is dedicated to making public safety related opportunities accessible. Our vision is to provide innovative and success-oriented programs and proactively seek the advancement of officer safety training through education and research. PSI will challenge students for full preparation for the risk and technically intensive field of public or private law enforcement and security.


Police Science Institute expanded its facility in 2011, adding four additional classrooms, including a mat room for impact weapons and self-defense/martial arts training, and a state-of-art, indoor long range designed specifically for security and law enforcement training.

Police Science Institute’s instructors have continued to carefully assess the social, economic and educational contest for training law enforcement and security, redefining programs, instituting new ones, and helping graduates meet the demands of changing times.

An Institution for the Future

The future of law enforcement and security is written in the lives of people. Its boundaries are as broad as the variations in the way people think, act and live. All of  the issues that influence the quality of people’s lives are issues in which law enforcement and security plays a significant role: protection of rights, ensuring safety and enhancing the well-being of others.

Police Science Institute is looking forward to the future with excitement and plans to be one of the most important providers of education and training in law enforcement, security and beyond.



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Jessica Gonzalez Admissions
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Joti Gill Director Director
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Curt Hamett Instructor Police Science Institute
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Photo of John Mikkelson
John Mikkelson Instructor Police Science Institute
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Photo of Ron Sawl
Ron Sawl Instructor Police Science Institute
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Myrl L. Stebens Instructor Police Science Institute
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Ray Zarate Instructor Police Science Institute
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These links below are provided for you, for easy reference to State and local

State and County Agencies

These agencies might be able to guide you in any questions, that you might have
about a career in the security, investigations, and corrections industry.

Fresno County Workforce Connection

CA Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education

Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

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