BSIS Baton Training

The baton can be a powerful non-lethal deterrent in the line of duty, but it can also be a deadly weapon. If you need to carry a baton on the job, its important that you learn how to properly use- this could mean life or death for you or another person. Police Science Institute’s baton class will teach you everything you need to know about how to properly and legally carry and use a baton. Upon completion of the class and a passing test score, you will receive your State of California BSIS Baton Permit.
Baton Course Fee: $150

Some of the topics covered in this course include:

  • Moral and legal aspects of baton usage
  • Use of force and types of force
  • When force can be used
  • How to avoid and de-escalate a situation
  • Types of batons
  • First Aid for baton related injuries
  • Fundamentals of baton handling
  • Stances, grips, and target areas
  • Potentially lethal vital target areas
  • Defensive blocking, control and arrest techniques

Bring the following:

  1. Picture ID
  2. Guard Card or proof of Guard Card course completion
  3. Class fees

Classes held once a month from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Please view our calendar for this months dates: PSI Class Schedule

please call (559) 276-9800 to register!

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