Course Description

The security program involves the study of all aspects of security and loss prevention including:

  • Introduction to concepts of law and evidence
  • Investigation
  • Patrol
  • Firearms
  • Baton
  • Chemical Weapons
  • Officer Safety Tactics

The curriculum includes techniques for protection of both persons and property in hospital, industrial, government and business situations.

You will learn procedures to identify and control assault behavior in the workplace as well as the use of fire control equipment and intrusion devices.

Graduates of the security course will be eligible for licensing in Guard Card, Firearms, Tear Gas and Baton, as required by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Educational Objectives

  • Implementation of security procedures and tactics.
  • Security tactics for large events, commercial and industrial plants, hospitals and high security institutions.
  • Investigation of property loss, narcotic and violent crimes.
  • Utilization of surveillance and intrusion detection devices.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the security program will be trained and state licensed to work in any area of private security, armed patrol or loss prevention. Some examples include:

  • Security Director
  • Security Officer
  • Loss Investigator
  • Hotel / Resort Security Agent
  • Armed Courier
  • Corporate / Executive Security
  • Retail Loss Agent
  • Alarm Response Officer
  • Surveillance Operator
  • Armed Patrol Officer
  • Casino Security
  • Casino Surveillance Operator
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