Tear Gas / Pepper Spray

Does your job require you to carry CN / CS Tear Gas or OC Pepper Spray? If so, California penal code requires you to  complete training and obtain a license before you are legally allowed to carry pepper spray or tear gas on the job. Police Science Institute can fulfill these requirements by offering a Tear Gas / Pepper Spray class.

Some of the topics covered in this class are:

  • Who may carry tear gas or pepper spray?
  • Where are you allowed to and not allowed to carry it?
  • When can you spray someone?
  • What happens if i use it offensively?
  • What liability do I assume?
  • What is CN / CS / OC and how does it affect humans?
  • What is OC and how does it differ from CN / CS?
  • Proper storage, testing and handling of canisters
  • Will it work equally on everyone?
  • Spraying animals vs. spraying humans.
  • What are the most effective tactics to use when spraying?
  • How does various weather affect spraying?
  • Psychological and Physiological effects on an attacker.
  • When is it safer not to use it?
  • Emergency treatment for accidental sprays.
Upon completion of this course and a score of 70% or better on the exam, you will be issued a Tear Gas and Pepper Spray Certification and become eligible to carry pepper spray and tear gas on the job.
Course Cost: $40
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