This Private Class Will Be Instructed by Curt Hamett

Ladies, after having this class in January and selling out, we are having a lot of requests to have it again. We will be having a one day beginners CCW Active Response Class. This class is for women only. It is a small private class held in our private indoor range and will be available to 12 ladies. This class will reinforce basic shooting fundamentals which will teach you to draw and shoot from concealment.

Class Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 Time: 9AM-4PM

Limited to 12 Women

Update 3/12/2019 4 spots left

Requirements For This Class:

    1. Must have a CCW License or in the process of applying for one.
    2. Quality holster and belt if carrying on body. If carrying in a purse (although discouraged) but isallowed. The purse must be a cross body strap type purse. No over the shoulder or arm.
    3. 150 rounds of target ammunition. (No steel)
    4. 3 magazines for your gun. If carrying a revolver, 3 speed loaders.
    5. Dress in clothing attire typically worn during concealment of your firearm.
    6. Closed toe shoes.
    7. Ear and eye protection. We do have loaners if needed.

In order to sign up and reserve your spot you must prepay for this class by clicking the link below.