Update from Bob Moore of the Sheriff’s Office/CCW Unit

CCW Renewals and Modifications will still need to be picked up downtown at the jail, 1225 “M” Street, when instructed to do so. The other new development is that the Livescan machine has now been installed in the new building (for New CCW Permits) so applicants will no longer have to go downtown after their initial interview at the 770 E. Shaw location.


Applications for Renewals and Initials are all to be completed online after completing your class.

Modifications to CCW permits require a shooting qualification with a CCW instructor. The modification can be done online after your shooting test.

If you would like to add a new gun to your CCW permit call us (559) 276-9800 to make an appointment. Times will vary on instructor availability.

Fee $20.00 or free to range members.

Link to the Sheriff’s Office CCW Application listed below.