2024 Shooting League


5 PM – 7 PM


4 PM – 5 PM


1 PM – 3 PM

League Information:

  • Everyone is welcome, this League is ideal for all levels of shooters and is focused on the CCW Permit Carrier as all drills will be from concealment
  • In this Shooting League, each participant will get ample practice time each month, this is a great value in itself. You will also be afforded range shooting opportunities that are NOT available in our public range.
  • On this go around, we’re doing a 6-month schedule, starting in March and ending in August. Each month offers different drills for you and your fellow competitors to try your hand at.
  • Now to give everyone an opportunity, we are having the entire month of February as a signup month

League Fee $90.00

You do not need to have a PayPal account, You can use “Guest Check-Out”
or you also make your payment in person

This drill video is shot from a prior season but shows the Dot Drill that will be this month’s challenge.

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