League Registration Open Through March, 2022

2022 Spring Shooting League

Let the countdown begin to the 2022 Spring Shooting League! We are proud to announce the Shooting League is coming back. Our inaugural league was held in 2019. The 2019 league brought people from all walks of life and all skill levels. The league created friendships and an atmosphere that everyone wanted to be a part of. Couples that were competing together even brought their children to watch their parents shoot. We had first-time shooters who rented firearms to participate. One particular first-time shooter finished 3rd overall in the Pink League with a rental gun. We had a bad ass mom finish first place in the Pink Division, she could have probably took first in the other two divisions. The surprising part was she was a new shooter. Even though this is a competition, the competition did not turn anyone against each other. It was wonderful to see strangers becoming friends and cheering each other on. The bonus was seeing everyone improve their shooting skills.  The monthly challenges are based on skill building drills with the motivation to improve provided by friendly competition.  Prizes are awarded for the top three cumulative scores in each division.

The Pandemic did cause a set back on this league. We hope to find everyone in good health from the journey we have all gone through the past two years. We know the momentum is still here from all the people who missed the 2019 league. It is never too late. We know we have many first-time gun owners from the Record Breaking Gun Sales In 2020! The Spring Shooting League is set to launch Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 at 6PM. Although online registration is preferred, we understand that you may have more questions or concerns before committing. We want to answer all your questions. The first month of the league you are welcome to attend any of the scheduled dates/times before making the final decision. You can observe how the instruction, drills and qualification are conducted. You will also be able to see where your skill level will place you in regard to which classification to participate in.

Our staff is welcoming and approachable with the intention of combining training with entertainment. We look forward to seeing you and anticipate another great League.

Thank You, 

The Police Science Institute & The Range Pistol Club

Entry Fee: $75.00

Pay Online Or In Person

The 2022 Spring Shooting League will start March 8th, 2022 and will end on July 1st, 2022. Instructions for monthly drills will be every Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday at 2PM.

Shooting drill qualifications are scheduled every,

Friday: 6PM-7PM

Saturdays: 3PM-4PM

Sundays: 2PM-3PM





All Divisions are Co-Ed, men are also welcomed in the pink division. No one is excluded from any division.


1st place in every division will win a $400.00 gift card to PSI/Range.

2nd place in every division will win a $200.00 gift card to PSI/Range.

3rd place in every division will win a $100.00 gift card to PSI/Range.

Participants are allowed to move up/down divisions during the first month only.  They will be locked in once the second round starts. If you do not own a firearm and will like to compete, you are more then welcome to rent a firearm. We have had participants in the past compete with a rental firearm. 

Here is the link to our YouTube that has the drills used on 2019.


League Facilitators and Judges will be Curt Hamett, Aaron Simpson, and Josh Simpson. Be on the look out for more emails about the league. Make sure you are part of our email list. If you are not contact, Jessica@policescience.com to be added. 

League Members, will get league pricing ammunition for their drills. Price $24.99 per box of 50 rounds. All the drills are set to be a low round count due to the increase of ammo prices, we are keeping that in mind, and do not want to discourage anyone from participating.

2020 League Payments

The league was set to be scheduled in early 2020. Due to Covid-19 everything was put on hold, here we are almost two years later. We did received many payments and will honor all of those payments for the 2022 Spring Shooting League. We do have record of all the payments. No need to contact us. Come in for your training drills and let our staff aware of your prior payment.

A Few Of The Winners From The 2019 Shooting League