Introduction To Conceal Carry With Curt Hamett

Class Fee: $100.00

12 Students Per Class

Introduction To Conceal Carry 

Students will learn the basics of drawing a firearm from concealed carry. Learn to draw from various concealment options. This includes: appendix, 4 o’clock, shoulder holster, etc.

The class will also cover off-body options such as a purse, backpack or sling pack. Students will learn skill drills to strengthen their draw process. 

The Dry-fire drills taught by Mr. Hamett can be practiced at home. These dry-fire drills will be performed in the classroom and then taken onto the range for live-fire.

Class Date: Sunday, March 26th, 2023

Two Class Time Options 

First Class, 8AM-12PM

Second Class, 1PM-5PM

Course Requirements 

  • Must Have CCW or Attended A CCW Class And In The Process Of Getting Your CCW Permit.
  • Bring Method Of Carry I.E. Holster, Purse, Pack, etc. No Pocket Carry or 6 o’clock (Small of Back) Permitted.
  • Concealment Is Mandatory- No Open Carry
  • Eye and Ear Protection.
  • 100 Rounds of Target Ammunition.

For Questions About This Class Contact The Instructor Curt Hamett (559) 259-8814 

Class Location, Classroom 1 & Indoor Law Enforcement Range At Police Science Institute