Women’s Self Defense

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“Women are more likely to become the victim of physical violence and they are often found in situations that might encourage this. For example, going for a walk or run in the evening, leaving work or a store in a sketchy part of town, or real estate agents who might have to show houses on their own. Fearing for your safety is a common trend nowadays for women of all ages.

This doesn’t have to be the case and we can help you.
Police Science Institute and Fresno Vanguard Krav Maga teaches real world self-defense in a safe environment where ANYONE can develop to their full potential and test the effectiveness of their skills. Through practical application, all participants are trained with simple and effective gross motor skill based techniques to generate a better sense of confidence and self-preservation. 
Don’t be a statistic. 
Join us.”
  • Unarmed Defense (Protecting yourself from an attacker when you are unarmed using strikes, blocks and kicks)
  • Less Lethal Defense (Key Chain Pepper Spray Included)

Please call (559) 276-9800 for pricing and to schedule your private or group training today!


Armed Defense (Woman’s Basic Handgun and Concealed Weapons training is also available) click here for more information.

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