New Women Only Class

Dates Have Been Added

Our Women’s Only CCW & Handgun Safety class is designed for beginners. The class starts with basic firearms safety, progresses through California Concealed Weapon (CCW) information and ends in actual shooting on the indoor range.

Goals For This Course:

Basic Handgun Training In A Women Only Class, Fundamentals, Stance, Dry Firing, Trigger Manipulation, California Carry Laws, Simulator, Non-Lethal Defense, Live Range Shooting, Drawing From Holster With Airsoft.

Ammunition and 9 mm gun rental is included for those women who currently do not own their own firearm. Women with firearms must provide their own ammunition for their CCW qualification. Due to Covid-19 restriction, all students must provide their own ear and eye protection.

A copy of our training material is provided in a USB drive to take home. Women who take this class can return to do their CCW qualification with an instructor once they have purchased their own firearm at no extra cost. This class is taught by two female attorneys based on their schedule availability and approved CCW Instructors.

This class has multiple breaks, including a lunch break.

Class Time: 9AM-5PM

Limited To 15 Ladies Per Class

This class is taught by two female attorneys based on schedule availability, and approved CCW Instructors.