Frequently Asked Questions For Carrying a Concealed Weapon Permit. 

1.Is Police Science Institute open during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Yes, Police Science Institute has remained open during this time. We are taking all the right precautions to keep everyone safe and we are limiting our capacity in each of the classes.

2.  What has changed during the Covid-19 Pademic at Police Science Institute?

One major change Police Science Institute has made is CCW Classes are no longer walk-ins. In order to attend a renewal or initial class you will have to book a class online and pre-pay in order to secure your spot. The second thing that has changed is we no longer provide ear and eye protection as loaners.

3. I don’t have a computer or a mobile device that will allow me to book a class?

Police Science Institute has a computer in the lobby area that can be used to book a class. The person must have a credit/debit card  to pay online. The online booking system allows us to maintain inventory so classes don’t get overbooked.

4. I see the class dates available online but it won’t let me book it?

If you are not able pay for the class you have selected, that means the class has sold out.

5. How do I know if I am registered for a class? Will I get I reminder? 

If you were charged for the class through your debit/credit card you are definitely registered for a class. If you provided your email during the check-out you will get a confirmation from Police Science Institute and a payment receipt sent to your email through PayPal. There will be no reminders emailed/phone calls. We recommend you write down your class date somewhere where it will be easy to remember. Please arrive 30 minutes early the day of your class. Check-ins are at the front desk at Police Science Institute. Firearms must be unloaded for verification and in a bag/case/locked.

6. Why is The Range Pistol Club referring me to Police Science Institute for my CCW Class?

The Range and Police Science Institute are a combined business with the same owner. Police Science Institute is the educational portion and The Range Pistol Club is the retail. Police Science Institute is the building next door to The Range Pistol Club. The Range does not offer the CCW classes and you can not book a class on their website. It can only be booked on www.policescience.com.

7. I missed my class, can I get refund? 

Due to the demand in classes we will not be offering refunds at this time. Our staff will be able to reschedule you for the next available date. Email us or give us a call (559) 276-9800.

8. Can I be added to a wait list in case anyone cancels?

There is no wait list in place for our classes. If we have no shows or cancellations we leave the class as is.

9. Can I use someone else’s firearm if I don’t own a firearm to take an initial CCW Class? 

You can not use someone else’s gun unless you are both legally married. Married couples are the only ones who can use each others firearms on their CCW Permit.

10. Will Police Science Institute give me my CCW Permit after the class?

No, we only provide the state required training for you to apply for your permit. The state required training is 8 hours. The application process, background check and interview is handled by the agency in your county or city. You can determine your county or city by your address. The agencies will either be the Sheriff’s Department or Police Department in your area. Most have  their application online or a paper application that you can typically download online or pick up from the agency. If you have more questions about this email us we can help you determine who you can apply with.

11. I just purchased a new firearm how do I get that added to my CCW Permit? 

In order to get a new firearm added to your CCW permit you must shoot 50 rounds with a CCW instructor. After your qualification you will receive a certificate with your new gun information. You will then submit that to the issuing agency to get your CCW permit modified. Doing a CCW add-on is not a walk-in service you must first call us (559) 276-9800 and make an appointment. The shooting qualification and certificate fee is $20.00. If you are a Range Member this service is free.

12. How many rounds is my shooting qualification?

Initial/first time students will have to shoot 50 rounds for the County or 100 rounds for the City of Fresno Police Department. The rounds are a combined total not for individual firearms. Most Agencies allow up to four firearms. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Department allows unlimited firearms listed on your CCW permit. Renewals have to shoot 50 rounds a combined total, not per individual firearm. No steel ammunition is allowed in the indoor range.

13. How many yards is my shooting qualification? 

Shooting qualifications are 3,5 and 7 yards.

14. What if I fail my shooting test?

If you fail your shooting qualification test instructors will typically recommend for you to book a private lesson or get practice shooting time at the range. You will not need to retake the class or pay again. You will have to return to complete your shooting test within 30 days of your class date.

15. Is there a written test I have to take?

There is no written test for the CCW Class. The only test is the shooting qualification.

16. What if I don’t have a computer to submit my CCW application or know how use a computer, can Police Science Institute or The Range submit my application for me? 

We unfortunately do not have the extra personnel or time to provide this service. From start to finish the application can take anywhere from 30-45 mins per person. We recommend those who are not computer literate to find help from family members or friends. The scanning part and uploading tends to be the part where people have the most trouble. Mobile devices can be very usual for this part. Taking images of your required documents and emailing them to your email. You will then save the attachment to your computer or iPad to upload to your application without needing an actual scanner.

17. How old do I have to be to apply for my CCW permit? 

You must be 21 years of age to apply for a CCW permit. You must also be 21 years of age to purchase a firearm.

18. What is the difference from the co-ed CCW class and the Women’s Basic Training & CCW class? 

The difference between the regular co-ed CCW class and the Women’s CCW and Basic Training class is the women’s class includes basic handgun training, we allow women with no experience, and women who don’t own a firearm attend this class.  The women’s  class is prices is higher at $130 vs $95. We do provide more then one instructor for that class.  The Women’s CCW class is also taught by women. The co-ed class is for those who already own a firearm and do not need basic handgun training.

19. How do I book a private lesson?

Lessons are booked directly with a instructor call Police Science Institute and we will give you an instructors contact information. The private lesson does take place at PSI in our indoor private range. Private lesson rate is $50.00 an hour.

20. How long is my CCW certificate good? 

As of today we do not have a written statement by any of the CCW issuing agency of when the certificate expires. We recommend to anyone taking our classes for initials to apply for their CCW permit within 6 months of their certificate being issued. Most agencies will not accept a renewal unless it is within 30 days from the expiration date. You can always take the class a few months early but do not submit your renewal until it is within the 30 day time frame.

If you have any more questions not mentioned here and not related to background checks,

email jessica@policescience.com