While many restrictions are in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the  Fresno Sheriff’s Office continues to process CCW permits. Here is what you need to know about some guidelines that have been put in place. New permits require person to person contact for interviews with background investigators and fingerprinting. Therefore, when applying online at  https://fresnoso.permitium.com/ccw/start we are asking you to select an interview date of June 1 or later. Again, no interviews are being scheduled prior to June 1.

Renewals are being processed like they always have been. These do not require person to person contact like a new application. Starting April 13th, those needing to collect their renewal permits can do this by visiting our office at 770 E. Shaw Ave. in Fresno. You no longer need to visit the Fresno County Jail.Many CCW instructors are still holding classes at this time. So do not let your permit expire and do not let the COVID-19 situation deter you from applying for a new permit.

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