BSIS Exposed Firearms Requals have been added one Saturday a month. Weekday requalifications are still available once a week as well, always check our online calendar for specific dates.


A Firearm Permit must be renewed every two years. In order to renew your BSIS issued Firearm Permit, you must qualify your weapon(s) semi-annually. A two-hour refresher course also is required and must be completed prior to each range qualification course of fire. The two hour refresher will be held here prior to your shooting.


Upcoming Requalification Saturday,

June 22nd, Time 1:00 pm


Requalification: 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Requalification: 4th


(Includes Written Test)

Payment Types:

(Cash, Debit, Credit)



What to bring:

Picture ID

Firearm/s (50 Rounds Per Caliber)

Guard Card

Exposed Carry Permit

U.S. Birth Certificate, Current U.S. Passport, DD-214, Permanent Resident Card or any documentation from INS showing legal citizenship.

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